Make Money.
Viewer interaction made simple and intuitive
Whether you want to help your advertisers generate leads, have customers engaged more or cross promote content, Showtag will get you there in a simple, cost-effective way.
Amaze your advertisers through direct response.
Help your advertisers grow their business by offering a suite of Direct Response Tools, including Clickable Banners, Response Forms, Saving products for later consideration and even have viewers directly purchase products. Without ever leaving the video stream.
  • Clickable Banners are displayed when video is paused or mouse points at screen. They can be any shape and at any place. They can be video or an image. Multiple contextual banners are possible within one video.
  • Product Tags are possible for any item in video and will display whenever the item is shown.
  • Response Forms are triggered by on-screen call to actions. Customers can leave contact details or directly buy the advertised product. If logged in, Showtag can connect to provider database so viewers don’t need to fill in anything.
  • Save for Later provides the option to not immediately engage with the offering but save it for later consideration. Viewers can be triggered to return to item at a later time.


Response forms

Product Tags

Save for later

Amaze your viewers through contextual enhancements.
Serve your audience more content, more depth in the most intuitive way possible without ever leaving the content they are enjoying. Audience Engagement Tools include Who’s That, See More/See Also, Live Data and Save For Later
  • Who/What is that? Background of actors, presenters or contestants can be called upon during full length of the video every time he or she appears. Actors can be saved to favourites.
  • See More, See Also tools provide customers with additional footage, f.e. behind-the-scenes material. Or imagine being able to see all goal replays during a football match. Also very suitable for Current Affairs programming offering the chance to catch up on subjects.
  • Live Data can be displayed at the viewer’s request. Live polling data, sports statistics, Twitter feeds are some clear examples.
  • Remind me Add an actor to your favourites and get reminded when he or she is available. Same applies to a new TV show reminding customers of new seasons or episodes.

Who/What is that?

See More, See Also

Live Data

Remind me

Amaze your customers with the rights recommendations
A set of content promotion tools have been made available to serve your audience with recommendations from within the content they are enjoying. This significantly increasing the credibility of recommendations to viewers. Content Promotion Tools include Watch Next, New
  • Watch Next/New Release are overlay’s displayed just before and during the end credits or end of video to recommend related content.
  • Watch Now/Later call-to-actions remind are displayed each time a video is paused to remind customers of next releases or upcoming shows. Customers can either watch, set a reminder or add to watchlist.
  • Add to watchlist offers the ability to put a TV Show on the watchlist without interrupting the current viewing session.
  • Trailer Surfer keeps customers engaged by providing an easy way to surf from trailer to trailer to quickly find something new to watch. No need to painstakingly browse the menu pages.

Watch Next/New Release

Watch Now/Later

Add to watchlist

Trailer Surfer